Q Do you process all makes of disposable cameras?
A Yes, any make, any model, any exposure including waterproof

Q How many cameras can I send in one packet?
A Maximum of 10 per pack. Include order form, which you can download, and payment in each packet for the contents

Q How many cameras can you put onto a CD?
A 25

Q Do you put all the cameras onto one CD?
A Yes, unless you ask us to put them onto individual CD’s

Q What resolution do you scan the films at?
A We scan the films at 1024 x 1536. This is ok for home printing

Q Does the price include posting back?
A Yes, postage is free in both directions. Download the freepost label to send orders to us

Q How long will my camera take to come back to me?
A We process films on the day of receipt and post them back that day. We normally allow 2 days to reach us and 2 days to deliver back to the customer

Q How do I pay?
A Payment options are Credit Card, PayPal, Bank payment or by Cheque. All details are on the developing and printing service order form which you download and enclose with your order

Do you return the negatives?
A Yes